After I had finished my "Grandma's Kitchen" project, I was looking for another roombox scene to work on.  But this time, I didn't want to duplicate/re-create anything.  I simply wanted to use my imagination and add whatever items I felt like adding when the moment struck me.  I really enjoyed the creative freedom I had with my first project (the house), but wanted to concentrate on one room/theme this time around.  Somewhere along the line, I got the idea for "Centracchio's Ristorante", an Italian restaurant.  (Note that I am Italian in name only.  I would have done a Polish restaurant, but didn't have many ideas floating around in my head in order to create that type of restaurant.  So an Italian restaurant won out!)

And yes, I'm fully aware that the decor in most Italian restaurants is red.  But as I said, I wanted to let my imagination run with this project and do whatever I felt like, so the restaurant ended up being green.  It was a little change of pace, and I was happy with the outcome.  :)

The measurements on this roombox are 24" wide x 15" high x 12" deep.
1/12 scale (1 inch in miniature = 1 foot in "real life").

Centracchio's Ristorante received a 1st Place ribbon
in the Business/Shop category at The Museum of Miniatures
Show in Indianapolis, Indiana in September 2005

Centracchio's Ristorante was featured in the
February 2005 issue of American Miniaturist

The outside of the roombox is done in brown "brick" and has a black "asphalt" roof.
The sign reads:  "Centracchio's Ristorante - First Class Italian Cuisine and Fine Wines".

This is the reception area.  I made the hostess stand and the small table between the two guest chairs.  The chairs were bought, but I took them apart and "reupholstered" them with a nice, plush fabric that I thought looked much better!  There's a phone behind the hostess stand so the hostess can take reservations, and a pay phone on the opposite wall.

A closer view of the hostess stand.

Centracchio's Ristorante has wonderful, mouth-watering desserts.  :)  While I didn't make any of the desserts, I did make the shelving where they are displayed.

If only those éclairs were real...

The dining area.

The clock on the wall works!

I made both the back and front bar myself.  The back bar was made by taking two bookcases and joining them on top and in the middle with strips of wood.  The most challenging portion of this roombox came when I decided to have a leather-padded bar.  It wasn't very easy and it's not perfect, but I was happy with the results.  The bar stools I purchased but changed the seat covers to match the chairs in the reception area as well as the chairs in the dining area.

A closer look at the back bar...

...and a closer look at the front bar!

An overview of the right side of the restaurant's dining area.

Two of the three tables in the main dining area.  I made the tables, and the chairs were from a kit that I had to build.  I also made the napkins and all purses.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Centracchio's Ristorante!

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